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The MLC Position on the Charter of Values

(2012 Document)
Handbill Announcing Discussion
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On November 28, the Montreal Lutheran Council hosted an assembly of concerned Lutherans, from all parishes in Montreal, to discuss our position with regard to the proposed "Charter of Values" (Bill 60).
Presentations by Lutheran scholars were followed by an animated discussion on the subject. Following this event, and taking inspiration from the comments made, the secretariat of the Montreal Lutheran Council drafted our collective reaction to this proposed law.

For More Information, For more information speak contact Pastor Jim Slack at ctrpastor@videotron.ca

View the individual presentation in their entirety (Some portions are audio only):
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. John Faithful Hammer
Dr. Jaritt Carty
Dr. David Pfrimmer

(2012 Document)
[Download Poster in Pdf Format]


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