Pyhän Mikaelin Suomalainen Evankelisluterilainen Kirkko
Saint Michael's Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
L’Église évangélique lutherienne finlandaise St. Michel


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Saint Michael's Finnish Ev. Lutheran Church is a non-profitable organization.

4345 Avenue Marcil
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 2Z9
(514) 932-9568

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The choir festival was a great success. See the posters in Finnish (Pdf) and in English (Pdf).

Being a member vs. being a "voting member" - Matthew Anderson (Pdf)

See Photos from this year's meal at the Mission

See Photos from the 2012 meal at the Mission

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Mission Service: January 13, 2013

See Photos from the Carol Singing (December - 2012)

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Singing at the Carol Singing Event
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Inuit Throat Singers visit St. Michael's (2010):
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See Photos from the Harvest Dinner (2010)

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